As she kisses each tender tendril of mine
Each little pinch she gives makes me smile
With her around everything seems so fine
I wish she was with me every mile …

Girl in rain

She kissed me so soft and sweet
All the way till I could feel it in my feet.
She is cold and unbrazen
Yet she is warm and never frozen.

She shattered me and made a misty din
Her voice is like a merry djin
She makes me feel as if I’m a king.

She has these deep dark eyes
Looking inside as far as I could
Lost amongst them, long I stood.

And if she asked, what would I say?
Would I dare to throw it all away?
Would yes be right? Or is it no?
But she never asks, so on we go.

Riding in the rain

Hurray ! It’s the rainy season finally here :P
I just love riding in the rain.
Writing poetry after a long time. Something just came out …

Image courtesy:

In the Rain by Autumn-Angeline
Bike by Estelle Chevallier

Ipse Dixit
*I have sung


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