With so many people getting committed these days at college and there being no preamble whatsover upon how to deal with a friends who’ve just discovered the joy of taking the plunge, I thought upon at least making our ‘the glorious loners‘ voice heard.

Friendship and Love

So, here’s an appeal from a simpleton to all those girls who either have a boyfriend or are going to have one. I am not going to ask you much, just a lil bit here and a lil bit there to clear up any mess. Let’s start.

  1. As much as you love him and he is yours and all < Substitute all possible endless love poems here > , He needs friends. And you are not going to want him to hang around you for all eternity. Imagine , listening to stuff like why Dhoni put a straightish mid-on and how Pollard makes sweet contact and why Mike Hussey was not in the team … ENDLESSLY .... ? No, you wouldn’t want to hear all that, would you ? That’s why we’re there. To keep his alpha gene roaring and alive. So, let him be with us undisturbed for atleast 2% of the time he spents with you.

    And please don’t take this time to send any messages or even forwards ( There’s no one, and I mean no one like a guy in love to decipher complex metaphorical meanings from seemingly harmless msgs :? ) 2. It has become a trend of late for all people committed to study together for all exams. Though I severely doubt how it works ( Without any distractions itself we find it very very hard to concentrate … ), please pass any notes/xeroxes/ppts/books/qn papers and anything else which might help poor people like us. Not only will your karma increase, your respect among his friends will increase (And hopefully we’ll gain some more marks :cool: . 3. Although it must be very hard for you control a frequent and public display of your new-founded status as the hottest topic in the entire campus please avoid showing off unnecessarily ( unless this was your primary intent ) 4. Please don’t act as though you are the very manifestation of celibacy itself. Come on … what do you think all those people standing under trees, chatting in the corridors, whispering in the classes, eating in the canteen speak about. WE ALL KNOW. :D So, don’t go as if you meeting him is a highly classified secret. Be open and dignified. People will atleast be thankful that they don’t have to walk around with guys looking as if they’re part of Operation Desert Storm. 5. You writing the assignment for him is soo touching and caring. But while you’re doing that for that pompous idiot why don’t you please pass atleast a copy for us so that we’ll atleast know what assignment we’re supposed to submit. 6. Yeah ! We do agree he has done something huge and acheived success. But he’s not done something stellar you know like running the 100m in 8 secs. This is what humans have been doing for millions of years. So, please kick some sense into him and ask him to stop acting like an all-conquering prick. 7. We know that the guy will be dumb once he’s into it, that’s why we’re hoping that atleast the fairer side responds. So, do talk some sense into him.

And yea! We’re really happy for you and bla bla bla bla .... . Hope you people do get married :P

Ipse Dixit
*I have spoken


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