Since, almost everyone I know raves about the film and it’s sweet romanticism. I thought about making some observations just in case you get caught in a gautham menonesque love.

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvayaa

  1. Always think twice before you choose Mechanical Engineering, cos there is a huge history there.
  2. Trains. Never miss an oppurtunity to go to a place in a train, especially long ones in the night ! But beware
  3. Slim, beautiful looking Malayalee girls ( especially those who look angelic in sarees ) are very very, and I mean very dangerous.
  4. You better have some money ( i.e. have a friend who has money) when you’re going to fall in love cause you’re probably going off to some place far far away which might even be America.
  5. While messaging to your gal, always use a dumber mobile, b’cos even if you smash it down in anger( which you’re probably going to do a lot) you can assemble it back or in the worst case scenario leave it there.
  6. If the gal has a brother ( who mostly will be 6+ feet tall, muscular and have a ruffian looking beard) you better have a nickname at college like ‘Quickfeet’ (which may either depict that you’re a strong kick boxer or you’re darn good at running)
  7. It is always wise to learn a few good choosen swear words in English cause once the gal breaks your heart ( which is purely a matter of when and not why ) swearing IN english is far better and kooler.
  8. In the end, when all is lost, Give up hope. Let go of that gal. Turn your eyes and do look at that beautiful girl who’s standing right next to you. After all, Trisha, illa na Divya :P

To be serious, the movie was beautiful. Music was in toe and groovy. Trisha was hot, never knew a saree could be this alluring. Both the story and simbu were different. Plaudits to them for trying out something different but they simply couldn’t deviate from the same old head movements, a couple of foreigners pouting around in songs and the scene in trains. In the end, it’s a little toooo close to reality and repetitive for my liking. But do catch it on the screen atleast once, to simply enjoy and take in the scenery ( and Trisha ;) )

Ipse Dixit
*I have spoken


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