Long long ago there lived a dragon called Toosh. Now Toosh was young, intelligent and fun to be with. He wanted to explore the world,enjoy all it’s beauty and become a fire breather. So, he tried hard to become one and was always puffing and huffing.

Sneezing Dragon

But, sadly fate as usual had something different in course for him. He still couldn’t breath fire by the age of five. So, Toosh’s parents compelled him to go to flyers-school. While, Toosh loved learning new things, this school he had to go wasn’t at all nice. The classes were never fun, good teachers were rare and the bad ones acted as though they were the best in the world. Most of the students slept during the classes and were always fighting amongst each other. However, Toosh had no other option but to go to school.

But school wasn’t at all that bad. He found some real smashing guys and made lots of good friends. There were some really good teachers and Toosh found out that he did like some of the things they taught at school. Toosh also learned to play Drogitch - their popular game and despite his clumsiness Toosh loved playing it. After nearly two weeks at school Toosh was finally beginning to enjoy himself despite his foregivings.

Now, there were girl dragons too ( In fact, they were far more cunning and fierier than the male ones ;) ). Toosh was always in a way shy of the girl dragons ( He’s a boy after all … ). And then suddenly one fine morning while Toosh was flying up to his class ( They’re dragons - so they don’t have to climb any stairs :P ) he bumped into a girl dragon. To his great surprise the girl dragon smiled at him and started speaking to him. Initially, Toosh was perplexed and stunned, but soon he became himself once again and started talking back. Rika was her name.

Rika and Toosh soon became thick friends. They had late night chats through nebulas ( Nebulas are actually Dragon’s mode of communication; something like our mobile phones ). They talked about this, they talked about that, they made fun of others, they laughed about small things. They in fact wasted a lot of time together, but both of them liked it. Toosh gradually found himself liking Rika more and more, but still he couldn’t overlook some of things that Rika was and wasn’t. Yet, he still counted her as a good solid friend.

Now among the things that both of them spoke were the other dragons in their class and one of the dragons that Rika told she didn’t at all like was one of Toosh’s close friends, Poch. In fact, Rika actually told him that she hated Poch. Toosh did try to change her opinion of Poch but of no avail. The friends remained so and life continued at dragonworld. Toosh soon could start breathing fire and he loved it. He enjoyed his life at school, made good friends and was being happy. Of course, he was still close Rika and was even going to introduce her to his kindergarten playmates.

Soon their Sports day had arrived. Toosh was actually going to play in his class’s Drogitch team. After the match, Toosh and Rika were chatting with each other. There was nothing different in the way each of them spoke with each other. Toosh was soon off jumbling. That’s when he found Rika and Poch actually doing claw sharpening together ( claw sharpening was something that girl dragons did ). That was nothing uncommon and so Toosh simply waved and moved on.

The next day, some of Toosh’s friends actually pointed out that Rika and Poch were hanging out together a lot and were in love. Now Toosh was stumped. He had considered both of them to be his good friends. He did knew that love comes unbidden and unabashed and that a person may fall in love with a person who she says she hates. But he couldn’t simply understand why two of his friends did not tell him what they felt towards each other. Hurt and dazed he dashed off.

Toosh could no longer speak with Rika. She now belonged to someone else. He did not understand whether she would want to speak with him. He didn’t know whether to trust his friend who had actually fooled him. She could have after all told him that she liked Poch. So, Toosh choose to remain silent. He didn’t know whether his decision was wrong or right. He wasn’t ,you know, depressed … he was simply sad . Sad,that two of his friends were in love and he couldn’t even tease them properly. And he also missed them

But as all things go, time passed. Toosh grew strong and fiery ( He’s a dragon after all ). He soon became the greatest fire breathing dragon ever. But even then, Toosh still was confused over Rika and Poch. He still did not speak with them and neither did they.

Reach for the stars

As time passed, Toosh and Rika too passed into the nebular world and became bright, shining stars. In fact, Toosh became the mighty sun while Rika became the slim moon. Even today, they do not speak with each other and it’s rare to see them together except during Eclipses when their friendship surfaces suddenly back.

Just felt like spinning a yarn today … the end product was this. :D
‘The story of Toosh …’ © 2010 Gautham Ponnu


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