Most of us feel embarrassed when someone cries in front of us. People tell others not to cry like a baby. Not to cry before everybody. Crying is generally looked down upon in this current society which we form part of. But even then, some people cry, cry in front of the entire world, like Roger :D

Federer crying after Australian Open

First of all,I’m an out and out Roger Federer Fan. And am still. And will be still. Now, that that’s out of the way, there is something about Roger crying, that I cannot help feeling strongly about.

Roger cries like a baby in front of everyone. He cries when he wins. He cries when he looses. Although I don’t do it ( In fact the last time I cried out publicly was when I lost the entire set of assignments of my class, back in 6th standard - Still remember it :| ), I become sentimental when he does that. The photos of Roger crying out are a favourite for my good friend who loves Nadal. He is particularly fond of pointing out Roger crying out and Nadal consoling him to me.

While I try to recollect all the instances when I cried, all I can remember are very sad situations. I’ve never had any happy tears. I’ve never cried when I was happy. Doubt, If I’ve any friends who have enjoyed happy tears - you know, the kind our cinemas show at the end of an film.

But not all of my tears have been sad, Sometimes because I miss someone. Sometimes because I had someone. Sometimes because of a dirt entering my eye ;) and so on. So, Tears in general are not bad. As far as I’m concerned, Tears burst out when there are no words to express what I’m feeling. It’s the highest form in which a human can express the emotion he’s feeling. Probably, the only unadulterated human action.

Considering all of this, I wonder why society taboos crying publicly.After all, as Someone has said, “Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either”. If laughing is allowed in public, why isn’t crying allowed.

To me, each and every one of Federer’s tears were far greater than that imperious forehand that just brushed the sideline or the ball that spun not left or right, but back. So, I look into the eyes of all my friends who take joy in pointing out Federers expression of emotion and say ” Ya. I wish Federer cries “.

Roger cries when he wins

And I do hope, that we stop discouraging people from crying out. A feel of true emotion will soon be something to be treasured in the coming ages of Facebk fraands and Mobile Chaats.

So, here’s hoping that I get to see Roger crying out once again at Flushing Meadows this month.

Go Roger :P


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