I am in love with a beautiful girl called Shruti and this chrome theme is in dedication to her to prove my everlasting love ( along the lines of the legendary Debian ). :P


Hmm … How I wish that the above line was true :(. Frankly, I have never known anybody with that name, let alone a beautiful girl. I simply like that name a lot. So, with that out of the bag let me unveil to you my first Google chrome theme - Shruti.

Get Shruti

You need to be on the Google Chrome Beta Channel to install themes right now or you need to be running the Chromium Build ( as I do ).

As most of you might have realized, with the advent of Chromium OS, Chrome is going places and it’s actually quite good with the exception of the download manager ( But hey! that’s why we have wget ;)). So, it’s quite a good browser and it’s still in hyperactive development. So, I thought I could also join in the bandwagon.

There are a lot of themes but most of them sucked. So, in an elitist FOSS guy manner I decided to make my theme. Read the docs, tweaked a basic one to produce the final output. It’s not much, but hey I’m an Chromium Developer now :D

Shruti - meaning harmony, is a clean,minimal and meditative theme for Chrome. It’s aim is to provide relaxing, soothing browser experience . While many minimal themes already exist, this one is more based upon providing a better overall feel.

Ipse Dixit
*I have Coded

P.S : And, finally If you do know a good-looking, sensible girl who’s fun to talk with and makes you laugh, You know where I am. ;)
P.P.S : Yea ! I understand that those kind of girls are now an endangered species, So I’ll probably be a bachelor for Life. ;)


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