After a long hiatus, I nearly gave up Linux. This was in part due to the wonderfulness of Windows 7 and the tedious task of setting up another Arch Linux. So, when my semester exams finally drew their curtains I decided to launch into it once again.

My LXDE DESKTOP - screenshot

Deciding that Arch wasn’t for me till my bandwidth starts soaring up really high, I went the Crunchbang way. Downloaded a Hardy installation of all the dumbest things I could do. I then proceeded to give it a Gapo-branding.deb :P . Ended with a satisfactory result on Openbox, that wonderful window manager. Dived into the wonder of Conky-1.7 with img & lua support. This is seriously cool stuff. With image rendering conky is now capable of seriously emulating rainmeter. Can’t wait till I start tinkering into it.

And then the doom started . No longer satisfied with firefox-3.1 . I decided against common sense to upgrade. Did the Interprid upgrade. Had a small problem with my alsa-driver. Did some troubleshooting. Lost my panel. Rewrote the configuration . Fixed everything. Now, I looked at my brand new Firefox -3.3 which was cool.

Again jumped the upgrade to Koala. That’s when disaster struck :(. I got my brand new FF-3.5. But the main problem was in Koala they had seriously upgraded a lot of stuff which broke my system.

No more HAL support. They had deserted it completely for udev. Not bad if ur on gnome, but nightmare if ur on Openbox and are using PCmanfm.

The next thing was GDM. The newest version goes in for a far tighter integration with Gnome. So, good. But for OB , it meant trouble. I removed it and installed SLiM, which was excellent. SLiM will stay with me ( at least till I figure out How to start qingy ).

SLiM - Login Screen

Now, In SLiM I had problem setting up the shutdown scripts without root user power. So, deciding to add me into a few more groups I went and found mu sudoers file. Now, everybody says you have to edit sudoer with visudo ONLY . Now, I wondered why ? So, boldly I opened it in nano. To my surprise, it did. I just typed in some jumble, and then tried to save it, thinking it own. To my surprise, it did. That’s when I realized that there’s no root password in crunchbang since they prefer sudo. S**t ! I couldn’t edit the file because to run sudo it needed that file configured correctly. My system was in short pwned by the sheer geekery of Linux :D I realized I could do nothing.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.
Henry Ford

It’s really easy to say that ! So, I did a Sidux this time . Remebering the beauty of KDE, I went in for a Kde-lite install. So, I did . Set it up. Once, my wifi was configured with ceni, a wonderful tool which I wish I had known during my arch-time search for a command-line network-manager, I was ready to roll.

It was then that I realized the crunching truth about KDE,

It’s like that tasteful box of sweets, which looks really delicious, but once you have eaten the entire box you seriously wish you hadn’t touched it.
Gapo,the flow ;)

So, now I’m once again setting up my LXDE installation once again. Now, you know why I haven’t posted anything recently :D In case, you like my conky script there, heres it,


P.S. : If you don’t understand a single line. Don’t worry, this is JUST FOR GEEKS ;)


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