Start Rant One of the important reasons that our country, our city and even our colleges and schools have gone to the dogs is not the fact that we have incompetent people at the helm of the affairs, but the fact that competent ones choose to remain silent and selfish.

Silence of the good

Back in my 9th standard there used to be a lesson about “Mr.Red Tape”. The story goes about a town clerk and the mayor - how mayors may come and go, but the town clerk remains forever. The story never made much sense back then. But remembering it now has a profound impact.

Today good, sensible, talented people choose to remain silent. Choose to remain selfish. Choose to keep away from anything not in their comfort zone. Choose not to take up responsibilities. Choose to remain anonymous. Choose not to care about people other than their family.

This starts right from my family, my college, my classmates. People here do not care about how things occur at the top level as long as things close to them remain unchanged. If and only if their self-interests are damaged do they even start to notice.

In this process, that rare good person who thought of doing something - when faced with heavy resistance and a deafening silence from the ones who should support him - will always fail. All they needed to do was to speak up. So, next time you see something good happening, speak up. You see something bad happen, stand up.

Pls do remember, not doing something bad alone will not make good things happen.

End Rant


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