One of my good friends at his blog recently posted something about Walking Tall - which was more about social acceptance of a tall guy into the community and was really thoughtful. Now, me being no tallest man ever alive but no  dwarf either ;) I would like to present some of the things that are unique to being tall.

Tall ...

  • You get a lot of bumps. I mean, a lot. When you enter your friends house, when you enter his living room, when you enter his room … You get the point :| Almost all doors of today’s modern architecture forget the fact that there are guys like us roaming around the planet.
  • Again, you get a lot of bumps. When you are sitting in the car, standing in the bus, the auto, the share-auto ( ultimate nightmare ) and other modes of mass transportation, you are almost certain of getting bumped at every speed breaker. And all those people who plan speed breakers get a special place in your personal u-deserve-hell list. Hell, maybe that’s why we’re getting taller - all those bumps must add inches.
  • You dread travelling in mass transportation. In the bus, you cringe when someone short sits in the last row and you have to bend your legs sitting in the row before. It’s highly knee-bending. And I concur on this point too, Maybe tall people should band together. Complain when you see children and the elderly in these seats. Just because we’re tall, doesn’t mean we always have things handed to us on a plate. It doesn’t mean that we should have to suffer because we are well beyond the “average” height. There is handicapped seating on buses, handicapped parking, even maternity parking. Why can’t there be tall person reserved seating on airplanes? Is this such a terrible thing to accommodate?
  • Even if you do get a car, you will have a tough time in trying to apply the clutch without colliding with the Steering wheel. And only when you go to upper segment - Honda City onwards can you really feel what car-makers call ironically ‘Spacious Legroom’.
  • Whenever you go to the movie, you’ll always find a person sitting in the back who wants you to bend down. Then, how am I supposed to watch it. Pity, I can’t really ask the guy to grow-up :P
  • When you stand in queues, you can really see a long way up to the front. Be it at the temple or at the theatre. I mean, it has dual benefits, on one side, you can tell your parents that you have seen the shrine right from the beginning, on the other side, you do tend to get disheartened seeing the long queue.
  • Your clothes fitting tends to be highly discouraging and time-wasting and you’ll almost never get a choice. For more on this, read this.
  • Getting a good sized shoe will be very tough work. I mean, either the shoe will be too long, or it’ll be too wide, or it’ll be too tight - It’ll be everything other than just right.
  • People at home will tend to use you as a ladder- right from dumping things in the attic to repairing light bulbs without a ladder. Hey no, big deal, but’s that until you have an entire lizard colony drop bang on your head.
  • Spiders hate you. This is because your head probably breaks half of their secure webs and entangles the rest. So, you have to do voluntary community service by transporting them on your head sometime.
  • And finally, although you have long legs, there’s nobody to appreciate it, except perhaps for the tailor. Imagine, how many people must’ve looked at Deepika’s legs with envy :o

But hey, not all things are bad when you’re tall. You can see a long way in a crowd ( Ahem… Ahem … :mrgreen: ). Most people think you’re good at basketball and hey if you know the rules you can even say you’re in the district team. Girls look at you at least the first time :D . People easily get intimidated by you. When sitting, I can easily grab stuff off of the floor without breaking your back. And you can have lots of fun playing catch it if you can with shorties. But the biggest thing is you never look that fat even if you’re :P

Now this guy, Sultan Kosen, a former basketball player from Turkey - the world’s tallest man is 2 meters 46.5 cm tall and he also holds the record for the world’s biggest hands (27.5 cm) and the world’s biggest feet (36.5 cm ). I’m really sorry for you dude.

World's Tallest man

Ipse Dixit
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