Been a long since I’ve blogged. As all things go, I’ve also substantially changed. Keeping in tune with this - with great regret I’m stopping any further updates to G33k - my supposedly tech blog.

NewStart Image Courtesy VHM Alex

Back when I started G33k, I wanted an exclusive site to chronicle any technical aspects I wanted to share. The main aim was to keep technical stuff separated from the actual blogging stuff.

I then realized that my blogging was all about expressing myself. I no longer care whether people read me or not - which I used to beforehand. This is me. So, in the pure unbridled nature of self expression all technical stuff will also now be routed to this same blog.

The journey was good fun - I learned a lot of HTML+CSS and a great blogging engine - Jekyll. It also got me into github, which will stand in good stead for the future.


So, here’s bidding goodbye to G33k and a welcome to hopefully more active times on Ipse Dixit.

G33k will continue to reside on my servers as a record of my experiment. So, feel free to link to it.



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