I am

Gautham Ponnu. I'm a passionate technology enthusiast, writer and traveller. I love wandering and exploring new things and meeting new people. I love her, books and engineering. I aspire to build my own business one day.

Stuff I love

  • Tinkering technology conceptions
  • Travelling around the world
  • Having a cuppa with new people
  • Driving endlessly at a strech
  • Working to change the world


I am a Systems-level programmer who enjoys playing around with technology, making stuff and 3D-printing. My areas of interest are Real-Time systems, computational finance and embedded systems.

I'm involved in ...

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I started blogging around 2005 in blogspot ( Hey, everyone has to start somewhere ). However, I could never keep up with it and it was never much fun. In a rejuvenated effort I began blogging (seriously) again. I blog on anything in the galaxy, without discrimination.

My blog is called Ipse Dixit, a latin phrase meaning he himself has said it. It comprises of my thoughts and feelings upon the various issues of life. In this blog, I post about my life, what I think about it, books, Music, Software and Technical Tutorials.

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Somewhere around 2010 I realized that my blogging was of two types primarily my geek side and the philo side. That was when the idea of creating a new blog to chronicle ‘the geek in me’ originated. A little bit of thought and a little bit of hand-coded magic ...

And then was born G33k — my official tech space where I maintain my tech conquests and adventures. Here, I share links, information, tips and views upon — Web 2.0, Upcoming web technologies, Linux desktop customization, programming, Bash scripts and other random stuff in not any necessary order.

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I know:

  • C:
  • C++:
  • Python:
  • Linux Bash:

I support :

  • Support Wikipedia

To contact me, send an email to gauthamponnu [at] gmail.com.

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